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Published by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation

Kids learn computer code in class to help with problem solving

Posted: 03/24/15 10:48am CST

Computer coding is showing up on more and more elementary schools curricula worldwide every year — and that includes schools here in Canada. In fact a new nation-wide initiative starts its rollout today, in Iqaluit, with the goal of exposing 100,000 kids to coding over the next three years. It’s a joint program, backed by Google and the Canadian organization Actua —- a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics outreach program for youth.

At present, Canada has a patchwork of different coding programs in schools, with kids in Manitoba, New Brunswick and Quebec, exposed to various programs. All schools in Prince Edward Island teach it, while it’s up to individual teachers in British Columbia and Yukon.

As for a national approach, the Canadian Teachers Federation has its concerns.

‘Students need a broad curriculum in order for them to be able to develop the types of skills that we want to see our students leaving school with, so music, physical education, art. When there are cuts being made in a school, those are areas where we tend to see those cuts happening’
– Dianne Woloschuk, President of the Canadian Teachers Federation

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