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Indigenous graduation rates continue to lag, Sask. auditor report shows

Posted: 06/07/17 12:12pm CST

Report singles out Living Sky School Division, says more work needs to be done on engagement

A report from Saskatchewan’s provincial auditor says more work needs to be done to engage First Nations and Métis students.

According to the auditor’s latest report — which was released Tuesday — as of last year, 42 per cent of Indigenous students graduated from high school within three years of turning 18. That’s half the non-Indigenous student graduation rate of 84.5 per cent.

The numbers are even lower in the Living Sky School Division, which includes North Battleford, Unity and Spiritwood. There, only 32 per cent of Indigenous students graduated last year, 10 per cent lower than the provincial average.

In a report, provincial auditor Judy Ferguson said student engagement was critical for the school board to keep Indigenous students in the education system.

“Students that are not sufficiently engaged in school are at an increased risk of not graduating, which may negatively impact future employment opportunities for these students,” read the report.

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