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Published by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation

Cline maintains students are beneficiaries of co-operative model

Posted: 11/18/14 2:58pm CST

While for the most part it would probably be fair to say students in the classrooms are blissfully unaware of it, Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation Vice-President Randy Cline underscored the importance of co-operation between teachers and school boards in order for the province’s education system to flourish.

Speaking at the Saskatchewan School Boards Association’s annual general meeting in Saskatoon, Cline alluded to the joint efforts and leadership of teachers and school boards and other educational partners as needing to be a daily focus, in order to create optimal learning environments for our students.

“Ensuring that students’ diverse and individual learning needs are met is a continuous process that requires the collaboration and cooperation among all of the partners in our educational community,” he said, adding that “we continue this work together because we acknowledge that collaboration, consultation and action by all of the partners are necessary for our publicly funded education system to be successful. To meet students’ needs and create optimal learning environments for our students requires collaborative action and inclusion.”

The significant challenges facing teachers, and public education in general in the province, are a reality of a rapidly growing and increasingly diverse student population. However, as Cline reminded those in attendance, the modern classroom remains a source of inspiration.

“Every day teachers and students experience success in the classroom – small and large. Teachers and students have much to celebrate in their teaching and learning experiences.”

Saskatchewan’s model of collaboration among the various education stakeholders has long been recognized as an admirably successful partnership, something that is not necessarily the case in other jurisdictions in the country.

“As partners in education, we have a long history of being united in our commitment to public education. We provide leadership on education issues in our province. We work collaboratively to promote a culture of cooperation, trust, mutual respect and transparency which is vital for our public education sector,” Cline said.

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