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Published by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation

City of Regina, FSIN sign pledge to fight racism

Posted: 06/14/17 5:34pm CST
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Mayor Michael Fougere has pledged to fight racism in Regina.

On Tuesday, Fougere signed a memorandum of understanding with Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations Chief Bobby Cameron. The document asks the City of Regina to offer classes for all staff and elected officials on the treaties, residential schools and colonialism.

“As treaty partners it is incumbent on us to understand each other’s history,” said Fougere.

“Education is key in ensuring that we at the City of Regina act with the best interests of all of our citizens in mind, and providing training and education to our staff is a huge part of addressing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s calls to action.”

Regina is the second municipality to sign the document. The Saskatchewan village of Elbow signed a similar agreement in April.

“Education and awareness is essential to addressing the issue of racism in our communities,” said Cameron.

“We do this not just for ourselves, but for our ancestors, children, grandchildren, and for all those yet to come.”

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