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Changing disappointment to opportunity can be key for teachers

As teachers, we are now at the point where we have as much of our school year to reflect on as we have to look forward to. Our satisfaction and joy in our and our students’ accomplishments is an accumulation of small moments and observations, as well as those larger events that dot our calendars. It is also possible that we have had points of friction and disappointment in events or people around us. Those possible issues or barriers are... +Read More

Gender and sexual diversity new reality in provincial classrooms

Celebrities such as Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox have contributed to a growing awareness of gender and sexual diversity in society. As well, television shows such as I am Jazz may lead to conversations among youth about gender identity which are bound to reach into the school and school community. The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation policy, gender and sexual diversity, provides support for Saskatchewan teachers as part of the newly developed policies on social justice and equity. All individuals are assigned a... +Read More
Together We Teach and Learn Play

Together We Teach and Learn

Download PDF [version française]   Welcoming. Caring. Respectful. Professionals. These four special words launch the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation fall 2015 TV campaign, designed to invite the public to work with… +Read More
Using teacher collaboration to improve student engagement in Clavet Play

Using teacher collaboration to improve student engagement in Clavet

During the 2014-15 school year, Clavet Composite School Vice Principal Paul McTavish and teachers Moira Hamm, Michelle Brochu, Audrey Gavlas, Jon Pedersen and Cherie Wilke-Priel received a McDowell Foundation research… +Read More

Regina teacher Kyle Webb experiments with flipped classroom

Students view video lesson at home Kyle Webb says it’s an experiment that’s adding up. Webb teaches at St. Josaphat Elementary School in Regina. He’s been trying out a model called ‛flipped classrooms‛ and he says the system is paying off in his math class. He starts it by making a short video recording that students can view on their computers at home. “They watch the video and then they have a task they have to do, and sometimes that task... +Read More

Using assessment in service of learning needs to be a mindset

Although the term “formative assessment,” also known as assessment for learning, is now commonly used in education, researchers question if it has become an integral part of educational practice (Wiliam,… +Read More
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