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Published by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation

New opportunities for B.C. teaching grads with Supreme Court ruling

The B.C. government has committed to hiring more teachers to meet the conditions of a Supreme Court ruling — and an expert says it will mean significant changes for young… +Read More

Great teachers deserve to be applauded: Editorial

Teaching may be one of the most rewarding careers there can be. But with the exception of rare films and books that profile inspiring teachers, such as Stand and Deliver, it’s a profession that is rarely celebrated — or even necessarily respected. That’s a shame. All societies owe a huge debt to good teachers. That’s why it’s such welcome news that the Varkey Foundation is shining a spotlight on teaching to elevate the standing of the profession with a $1-million... +Read More

All In a Day

I wish all of you non teacher-y ones could get a glimpse into the magic of it … how even after quite a few days of this cold snap and lots of kids in for lots of recesses … even throw in a pre Christmas full moon … there is still so much magic to be found. I wish I could capture for you how I stand back as they carry out their morning routines: poetry and word wall words... +Read More

Saskatoon public schools may ‘streamline’ frequency of standardized tests

The number of assessments students in Saskatoon’s largest school division have to take on top of regular classroom tests has been reduced, and division officials predict the trend will continue.… +Read More

Educators call for end to standardized testing in classrooms

Some educators are calling for the end of standardized tests in New Brunswick after recent assessments showed results far below the targets set by the Department of Education. Erin Schryer, executive director of Elementary Literacy, says she doesn’t think a standardized test is the only way to know how well children are doing when it comes to literacy. “If the aim is to understand, fully understand how well our children are faring in learning to read, I do not think... +Read More

Classroom Cash: Teachers Preparing for School Year

Students and parents aren’t the only ones shelling out cash for the new school year. Teachers are buying supplies from their own pockets. Full story +Read More
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