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Online Videos Sure To Make You Smile :)

The editor of the Saskatchewan Bulletin took a road trip to Meadow Lake a couple of weeks ago. He was pleasantly surprised to see the array of online videos created… +Read More

Regina teacher recognized for inclusion work

Leanne Barnes teaches alternative education students at Dr. Martin LeBoldus High School A Dr. Martin LeBoldus High School teacher who lives and breathes inclusion is being honoured tonight for her work… +Read More
The Teacher Project

The Teacher Project

Saskatoon Teachers’ Association presents, The Teacher Project, a series of videos each sharing a personal story from the perspective of a teacher, student and parent. Interactions and relationships between teachers… +Read More

Opinion: Play heals, so let’s embrace creativity to mark World Mental Health Day

Monday marked World Mental Health Day, an initiative with goals of education, awareness and advocacy. The theme this year was “psychological first aid” to support people in distress. Society has come a long way from nearsighted solutions, which blame distressed victims. Life can get messy. The music can get too loud. You can stagger and fall on marshmallow cement. While mental health is more than an absence of mental illness, problems are monumental. There is trauma, neglect, depression, abuse, addictions, stress, dementia, heartache, bereavement and... +Read More

After switching schools, transgender Halifax teen finds acceptance on football field

A transgender Halifax teenager who transferred high schools over bullying says he’s been warmly accepted on his new school’s football team. Kenny Cooley, a Grade 12 student at Halifax West High School, was initially nervous to put his name on the try-out list. “I was scared of what other people would think about me on the team and I felt like I wouldn’t fit in,” Cooley told CTV News Channel on Wednesday. “It took me about a good hour of... +Read More
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Education Minister visits classroom on Literacy Day

Literacy Day was celebrated at W.F. Ready School in Regina with a visit from Education Minister Don Morgan. Morgan, who is also the deputy premier, met with students and staff… +Read More
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