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Published by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation

Agriculture in the Classroom Promotes the Understanding of Agriculture to Children

Posted: 06/12/17 12:13pm CST
Photo credit: Dong Zhang

Agriculture in the Classroom provides children in schools in our community with curriculum-based, hands-on learning to help increase student’s awareness of agriculture.

Sarah Shmyko, Executive Director of Agriculture in the Classroom Saskatchewan says that they have several programs and activities that help promote the understanding of agriculture, such as the burger and fry farm that is coming up in our city.

“We’re pleased to join with the Ministry of Agriculture for the burger and fry farm that their hosting in Moose Jaw on June 11th and 12th. We participate on the organizing on that, as well as booking the schools and facilitating a station on it.”

She adds that, that Agriculture in the Classroom has been a non-profit organization since 1994, and now that they are a registered charity they receive a lot of support in the agriculture industry to help with their programs they bring to students throughout Saskatchewan.

“We do receive funding through the Ministry of Agriculture, who is one of our biggest supporters. We also have many partners within the agriculture community that support us. Recently, Sask Canola announced a $50,000 annual sponsorship and we’re very excited, because that extra funding will allow us to expand our programing.”

Shmyko says that last year they were involved in 27 different programs and were able to reach 38,600 students through those programs. They also develop and distribute educational resources.

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