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follow voices

Following Their Voices initiative shows signs of success

A new initiative aimed at improving educational achievement and graduation rates of First Nations and Métis students is making a difference in the classroom for many students around the province.… +Read More
meadow lake

Learning for young students takes on somewhat of a different look

MEADOW LAKE – Should it be your first visit to Jubilee Community School and you happen to mention to principal Daryl Pearson or vice-principal Nancy Madsen that this place doesn’t… +Read More
councillor confernce

Maze has plenty to contemplate in education sector

It would be an under­statement to suggest that these are rather uncertain times in public education in Saskatchewan and so it is therefore quite understandable when Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation President… +Read More

Perrins outlines four options in educational governance review report

Less than a month after he was named to lead the work on a K – 12 educational governance review, Dan Perrins submitted his findings to the Ministry of Education by presenting four options for consideration. These options range from maintaining the status quo of 28 school divisions to potentially the most extreme, which would be creating a single provincial board with a CEO who would oversee four to six regions throughout the province, each of which would have a... +Read More

Governance Report Echoes Concerns Heard by School Boards

REGINA – The Educational Governance Review Report by Dan Perrins released in December raises concerns that are consistent with what school boards are hearing across the province about further forced amalgamations of school divisions and the elimination of democratically and locally elected trustees. “We have heard clearly from our communities that local voice and locally elected representation is important in education,” said Dr. Shawn Davidson, president of the Saskatchewan School Boards Association. “We have heard that school divisions are big... +Read More

‘We have to address the underfunding in education’: Wotherspoon

Indigenous students experiencing ‘lack of fairness’ due to budget rollbacks, Opposition says Interim NDP leader Trent Wotherspoon says there needs to be more fairness when it comes to the funding that Saskatchewan classrooms get. In a year-end interview with CBC, Wotherspoon said the Sask. Party government’s mismanagement of the province’s wallet is being felt by the most vulnerable. “I’m hearing from people all across the province, so many that actually voted for the current government that are so disappointed with... +Read More