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McDowell Foundation Launches New Website

Twenty-five years ago the McDowell Foundation was established by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation to support professionally led research in the area of PreK-12 teaching and learning.  The Foundation recently launched… +Read More

Global citizenship experience illustrates importance of solidarity

One year ago my guidance counsellor approached me with an application form for the Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation’s Global Citizen Youth Leadership program. I took immediate interest in the program and promptly completed the application with enthusiasm. What I didn’t know, however, was that I had just embarked on a journey that would extend well past my return to Canada on August 8, 2015. My trip to El Salvador was, in fact, merely the beginning of a life-changing adventure... +Read More
Number Talks workshop

Talking about math has strength in numbers for participants

Gone are the days when the teacher, armed with a textbook and blackboard, would present a mathematics class as pretty straightforward material with the expectation that in due course students… +Read More

‘Social impact bond’ a first for Canadian schools

Ashantay McKenzie-Missens came back to her old school to vouch for it. She’s now studying at Luther College High School, but she spent three good years at Regina’s Mother Teresa Middle School, which she called “amazing.” “It’s one of the best things I ever did with my life … it’s expanded my horizons so much in terms of my future,” she said of the school, which Education Minister Don Morgan called the boldest experiment in elementary education in the province... +Read More
Joe Pelletier

Indigenous understanding has vital role to play in Saskatchewan

It is surely undeniable that in recent years schools have taken several initiatives to better incorporate Indigenous understanding in the classroom. There remains, however, a certain degree of discomfort for… +Read More

Ignoring indigenous culture leads to classroom disconnect

April-Skye Biolchini was bullied so often and so harshly in high school, she came dangerously close to giving up on her education altogether. Most of the bullies targeted her because she was indigenous, said Biolchini, who is originally from the Six Nations of the Grand River in southern Ontario. The 18-year-old recalls struggling to concentrate in the classroom. She could barely sleep at night and rarely wanted to get out of bed in the morning. Biolchini’s one of many indigenous students who struggle to succeed in... +Read More